Sirius Healing Still Going Strong Even On Pandemic!

During a Pandemic… You do what you have to do!

We’re starting three days of virtual, livestream therapy visits at the three Seattle Polyclinic locations.

Sirius Healing’s Canine Therapists

Since the beginning, I have been blessed to have incredible canine partners.


“CB”, aka Ch. Kimlyn’s Uptown Girl, joined our pack last year at age 4, all the way from Indiana. In her first year of therapy visits, CB did 150+ scheduled campus visits, and many other appearances.


Some have crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

“Mandy Lifeboat”

Sirius Healing began with PWD “Mandy Lifeboat” — Roughrider’s Mandy Lifeboat, Am/Can CD; 1998 Western US Therapy Animal of the Year, Delta Society Pet Partner; TDI began our foray into therapy work, and provided visits for nearly 15 years.


“Rio”, Ch. Dacher’s Gaia Criansa Do Rio, Am/Can CD; Delta Society Pet Partner; TDI. Rio was gifted to us by the late Trudie Mischler, and provided therapy visits until he was nearly 15 years old. “Pava-Rio” was famous for his incredible singing talent.



“Kitty”, Ch. Stargazer’s Gatinha Do Algarve, RN, ThD, SD; Reading with Rover founding canine; Project Canine Connecting Canines founding canine. Kitty was foundation Dam for Do Gato PWDs; she clocked nearly 19,000 hours in 12+ years of working therapy visits, as well as being my first seizure alert dog.

In Spring 2012, Kitty became the recipient of the first PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap County “PAWS Spotlight on Community Hero Pets, Heroic Service Award, Therapy Animal Category” (and People’s Choice Award); Nominee for AHA Hero Dog Award, Therapy Dog 2012; Finalist, American Kennel Club ACE (Award for Canine Excellence), Therapy Dog Category, 2012.

Kitty – Laurie Hardman – Creator/Director COLLEGE DOGS(c) – Seattle, Washington

On 8/26/14 we had to say goodbye to “Kitty”, also known as Ch. Stargazer’s Gatinha Do Algarve, ThD, RN, SD (4/1/99 – 8/26/14).

Our hearts mourn Kitty, but we know she is still with us, both in the form of her daughter Pickles and granddaughter Billie, and in everything we do. Kitty’s earthly body has been sent to the Georgie Project.

Run free Kitty girl!



“Billie” — International Ch. RainCity Do Gato Miss Brown To You, ThD, SD. Billie was born in 2007, and began doing therapy visits as a puppy.

Along with her Aunt “Pickles”, this Kitty granddaughter started College Dogs©. Billie also, like her grandmother Kitty, and her Aunt Pickles, alerted my seizures.

At 11, Billie provided therapy visits multiple times a week, doing nearly every College Dogs© visit, reaching more than 5,000 students annually since 2010.

Since 2016, Billie had been living with cancer.

In her therapy career, Billie devoted more than 10,000 to visiting people. Billie passed suddenly the early morning hours of 8/28/17, leaving a giant hole in our hearts.

Laurie’s canine partners

Roughrider’s Mandy Lifeboat, Am. Can. CD, 1998 Western US Therapy Animal of the Year, Delta Society Pet Partner, TDI.

Mandy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 30, 2007 at the age of 16.



Ch. Do Gato’s Catwoman, ThD, SD, ProjectCANINE Connecting Canines founding dog.

At just 9, our “Pickles” had a long way to go to fill her mother Kitty’s nearly 19,000 hours of therapy visits, but she was well on her way.

Her specialty was the wildly successful, critically acclaimed College Dogs©, visiting thousands of University of Washington students at the various UW Residence Halls, Seattle Pacific University, and a growing number of Colleges and Universities in the Puget Sound area. Like her mother, Kitty, Pickles had been trained to alert to my seizures.


Int’l. Ch. Raincity Do Gato Miss Brown to You, ThD, SD, Project CANINE Connecting Canines founding dog.

At 5, Billie was our youngest, following her Grandmother Kitty and Aunt Pickles. Billie was our first brown PWD! She had a good career.

Billie’s antics with the now infamous “NO!” button at the UW College Dogs© visits (as well as her willingness to show her “WHISPER” whenever anyone is willing to look) made her the ideal girl to partner with her somewhat more laid back Aunt Pickles on College Dogs© visits. Billie was also trained to alert my seizures.

Our passion of animal-assisted activities and therapy has taken us many places, and has given us incredible opportunities for growth in the field.

From working with Delta Society’s Visiting Scholars (Japan) program, to visiting inmates of a maximum security prison, it has been extremely gratifying to see the growth of professionals understanding the role canines can play in our health and well being.


As Founder of Sirius Healing, I have been very proud to offer services throughout the past 30 years, including therapy animal visits and training thousands of others how to visit with their pets.

Sirius Healing will continue to do so in partnership with additional therapy testing organization(s).

It’s been an honor to learn and to teach about animal assisted work.

My canine partners have taught me every step of the way.


Please feel free to peruse my web site, and please e-mail me with any questions you might have. — Laurie Hardman


All photos above were taken by Stefanie Felix (, and are of Kitty visiting residents of Fircrest Residential Habilitation Center, Shoreline, WA.

“Pickles”, Ch. Do Gato’s Catwoman, was Kitty’s special daughter. Pickles showed at the Westminster Kennel Club in 2007 (along with her Do Gato 3rd littermate Dazzle; their brother showed there in 2006, and Dazzle again in 2008).

Pickles clocked in more than 10,000 hours in her therapy career, and along with Billie, founded our wildly successful College Dogs© program in 2010.

Fido is Billie’s cousin (Kitty’s 3x great grandson, Pickles’ 2x great grandson). Fido got his championship in 4 shows when he was ‘just a kid’, and has been doing therapy visits since he was 8 weeks old.

Fido & Billie, painting by Barbara Randall, UK

Fido & Billie, painting by Barbara Randall, UK

CB1-350348 (1)

Ch. Kimlyn’s Uptown Girl Seabee, aka CB, ThD

And “new kid”, Seabee, aka CB.

CB joined us May 2018 from Indiana.

She is Ch. Kimlyn’s Uptown Girl.

CB is 4 years old, and new to therapy work.

She squeezed in a few College Dogs© visits before summer break, and has been sharpening her skills doing hospital and other visits through the summer.