Top 5 Footballers in the World and Their Unique Dogs

Some of the world’s top footballers like to collect various luxury items such as houses, villas, cars, watches, to bags, and shoes. Of course, their collection is not arbitrary because it is supported by the availability of abundant funds. There are also players who spend a lot of money on traveling or holding party after party. But, there are also those who don’t look too glamorous despite having fat savings.

Some players also have different interests. One of them has a pet. A number of players choose to raise a dog.

Players who are known to keep dogs include Lionel Messi, Jerome Boateng, Mesut Ozil, Marcelo, and Cristiano Ronaldo. They choose dogs of various types.

There are those who choose to keep the Newfoundland, which is large in size, the Bulldog with the appearance of a wrinkled face and broad chest and muscles, to the Pug breed which is smaller than other types of dogs.

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Then what about the portraits of the types of dogs owned by world footballers?

Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

The Argentine player who is still loyal to defending the Blaugrana has a pet dog the English Mastiff. Lionel Messi loves his pet very much. The English Mastiff has earned the title of being the largest dog in the world with a weight of almost 115 kg. These dogs usually have an apricot, brindle (like tiger stripe), or fawn (brown) coat color. This dog is generally 30 inches in size. The lifespan of an English Mastiff is between 8-10 years. Messi’s dog gave the name “Senor Hulk” to his dog

Alexis Sanchez (Inter Milan)

Alexis Sanchez has two beloved dogs, which are named Atom and Humber. The two dogs became an important part of Sanchez’s life. Atom and Humber can even be said to have been famous. Fans often ask Alexis Sanchez to upload photos of his two dogs on social media.

Mesut Ozil (Arsenal)

The former Real Madrid star who is now in Arsenal uniform, Mesut Ozil, also has a cute pet. Yes, Ozil chose a small dog-type Pug. Balboa is the name Ozil gave to his dog. The source from Peluit Panjang | Situs Prediksi Sepak Bola Paling Jitu, He got the name from the character in the movie Rocky. The German man as a child was very afraid of dogs. Pugs are intelligent dog breeds. Pugs can master how to ask for food because dogs of this breed very easy to feel hungry.

Marcelo (Real Madrid)

Real Madrid’s Marcelo also has a dog as his pet of choice. The 31-year-old player chose a Newfoundland dog breed. Lola is the name Marcelona gave to her big-looking dog. Apart from Lola, Marcelo also keeps other types of dogs. He has a dog named French (bulldog), Nala (Labrador), and two other bulldogs named Kiara and Thaig.

Memphis Depay (Olympique Lyon)

Star who played in French Ligue 1 with Lyon, Memphis Depay, also chose to have a dog. Depay chose a Chow chow dog named Simba. Depay got his inspiration from the movie shop The Lion King. Depay is very loyal to take care of his pet dog. To the extent that during Manchester United, the Dutch passport player brought Simba to the city of Manchester. Dogs that are large, stocky, and have a characteristic blue and black tongue have a polite temperament and are quite friendly with children. Height ranges from 46-56 cm and weighs up to 32 Kg.

The age of the dog can reach about 15 years. The Chow Chow is a watch and watchdog.