What Is Sirius Healing?

Sirius Healing’s Mission is to improve quality of life for patients and residents of medical and nursing facilities by providing pain-free touch and interaction, and by expanding the array of therapeutic options available to healthcare providers through the use of therapy animals. By providing trained, certified therapy animal teams to facilities, Sirius Healing promotes an  exchange of knowledge and skills between the medical community and animal handlers in the belief that our animals tap a mine of wellness within each of us regardless of our physical limitations.


Who are we? At Sirius Healing, the human-animal connection is the key. It is our goal to provide animals in healthcare and other settings on a daily basis. By doing so, not only do many patients feel a restored sense of normalcy to the pattern of the their day, but the dogs can assist in patients’ actual therapy with occupational, physical, speech, and other therapists. It is our emphasis on direct service, and training others to provide direct service, that sets us apart.

Important Definitions
Animal-Assisted Therapy ( AAT )

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Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) is goal-directed intervention in which a therapy animal is an integral part of the clinical treatment process. AAT is directed by a healthcare or human services professional (i.e. Occupational/Physical/Speech Therapists, Social Workers, etc.). AAT is done in the form of group sessions, one-to-one visits, or co-treatment sessions. AAT visit outcomes are documented by the healthcare or human services professional. AAT providers may work under the direction of healthcare or human services providers, or directly with therapists in client sessions.

Animal-Assisted Activities ( AAA )

Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA) are educational, entertaining, and motivating activities delivered by specially trained and certified professionals, para-professionals and/or volunteers and their animals who have met specific criteria and have become registered Delta Society© Pet Partner© teams.

Typical Animal-Assisted Activities may be entertaining “shows”, visits to schools, or one-to-one visits with patients and residents in healthcare facilities. Animal-Assisted Activities are not necessarily “goal driven”, but are still very therapeutic in nature.

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